About Metan
Metan Global Entertainment LLC (“Metan” / “Company”) is a China-centric media and entertainment company that produces and distributes premium content across television, online, social media, and film specifically for the China (“CN”) market by bridging Hollywood and China and innovating China’s media landscape to a new era of production and content.Metan’s 360o media business model fully integrates alternative ancillary businesses across its content including Hollywood representation, digital media, and e-commerce platforms to exploit and capitalize on derivative revenue opportunities that are unprecedented in China today.

Formed in 2008, Metan is co-founded by Larry Namer (co-founder of E! Entertainment) and Marty Pompadur (former Chairman of News Corporation Europe). Together joining other co-founders, Oganes Sobolev (co-founder of Video International) and Jean Zhang (founder of AmeriLink), Metan was formed as the first Chinese media company to bridge China and Hollywood that leverages best practices from both the West and the East – from content and talent to the best formats and technologies.

Metan is a California (US) Limited Liability Company and conducts business in China through Mei Tian Mei Yu (“Mei Tian”), a Chinese company (owned by Jean Zhang), with appropriate business licenses to produce programming, distribute programming, and sell sponsorship / advertising in China. Collectively, Metan and Mei Tian work in unison and operate as a single entity.

Metan’s full management team is comprised of impressive, talented, and experienced media and entertainment business professionals from both China and the US who have created and/or led and managed billion-dollar companies. Metan has offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shanghai.