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Our People


Marty Pompadur

Chairman, Metan Global Entertainment Group With over 40 plus years of experience, Marty Pompadur is an industry veteran having held multiple executive positions across some of the major studios including Chairman of News Corp Europe (former), Board of Directors of ABC (former), Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital (current), Director of Nextstar Broadcasting Group (current), and
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Larry Namer

President & CEO, Metan Global Entertainment Group An entertainment industry veteran with over 40 years professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of Metan Development Group (Metan), a venture created to develop and distribute entertainment content and media specifically for Chinese speaking audiences in China and
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Alex Csergo

VP Sales and Marketing Alex Csergo is one of Asia Pacific’s leading integrated communications, infrastructure and strategy & operational tranformation specialists. His 20 years of experience covers nearly every aspect of communication operations including; development of programs in country and regional markets, CRM & CxT strategy & infrastructure, brand marketing strategy & integrated communications design,
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Jean Zhang

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Managing Director, China Operations Founder of AmeriLink, a management consulting company that specialized in the promotion of international business between the United States and China.


Frank Jiang

Director, Strategic Planning Frank Jiang started his career in Media Business in 2001. He has been engaged in TV documentary production in Shandong Film & TV Production Center for nearly five years and worked with many stations and media companies at home and abroad. Frank went to Beijing in 2005 and began a career in
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Ren Fang

Director, Business Development Ren has over 12 years experiences working as a media profession in both US and China. Ren used to work at CCTV-9 as an audiences research analyst. After he obtained his MA degree from USC, he worked as a Business Development Manager for Fluid Audio Networks, a LA-based online musician service under
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Angela Meyer

Producer Angela Meyer has over 10 years of experience working as a Media Professional. After completing her degree in Cinematography, she has since worked everywhere from pre-production to post production and with various types of media companies. Working as a Los Angeles based Producer and Production Manager, she is now part of the team at
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