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Metan Global Entertainment Group

Based in Los Angeles, New York and Beijing, Metan Global Entertainment Group (Metan) has extensive experience, resources, and connections, in Hollywood, China, and the global media market. Metan is a very modern take on how media companies must structure in today’s rapidly changing business environment. No longer is content distributed over a single technology and no longer is the United States the totally dominant marketplace for content.

Metan has embraced these changes while many companies continue to fight the inevitable. We create content that is designed to take advantage of all modern technologies and to maximize revenues and profits across all. All Metan business verticals recognize the changes in distribution, ecommerce, and social media. Further, Metan is the first company to design new content services and business models which it develops and tests in emerging markets such as China and India (under very favorable economic circumstances ) and then deploys them in global markets.

Metan’s management team is ideally suited to carry out this strategy as its top executives are not only well respected in traditional media but also recognized widely as pioneers in new technologies and new markets.

Our Executive Team

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CHAIRMAN & Co-Founder

Marty Pompadur

With over 40 plus years of experience, Marty Pompadur is an industry veteran having held multiple executive positions across some of the major studios including Chairman of News Corp Europe (former), Board of Directors of ABC (former), Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital (current), Director of Nextstar Broadcasting Group (current), and Board of Member of IMAX (current).


CEO & Co-Founder

Larry Namer

An entertainment industry veteran with over 40 years professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of Metan Global Development Group (Metan),  and an accomplished entrepreneur. Mr. Namer is the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, a company now valued at over $3.5 billion USD, and the creator of several successful companies in the United States and overseas.



Jean Zhang

Executive Vice President of China Operations & Co-Founder of Metan, previously she founded AmeriLink Group, a management consulting company that specialized in the promotion of international business between the United States and China.

Jean Zhang provides a multi-cultural understanding along with bilingual capabilities. Jean Zhang is a leading authority on media and entertainment in the United States and China. Her unique position and perspectives are what allows us the ability to bring high quality entertainment content to the Chinese market and which Chinese content has the potential to speak to an international audience.