Permits & Licenses

Mei Tian (Metan’s China production arm) has all the required licenses and permits to create and produce just about any form of content, from TV drama and reality shows, to motion pictures. These permits enable a foreign partner company to immediately start operations in China.

Powerful Connections

Mei Tian has a strong and substantial network of relationships with government agencies, and private sector companies, including: SARFT senior executives (China’s highest governing body for the media and entertainment industry); CCTV, the leading State owned satellite TV stations; top online portals (Tencent, iQIYI, Youku, etc.). Mei Tian is also well connected to the creative community throughout China, including top TV / film production companies, writers, directors, talent, etc.)

Bi-cultural Team

Metan’s bi-cultural team is extremely knowledgeable about global media and entertainment market trends and is highly skilled in localizing content for the Chinese market.

“For China” & “From China”

Metan’s senior executives, with their long-term, high level experience and relationships in the international entertainment and media industry, provide Metan access to high-value IP, formats and talent to create projects for both the Chinese and global markets.

Assisting Chinese Companies in Overseas Investments & Acquisitions

Leveraging its direct relationships with top industry executives and insider understanding of the international entertainment industry, Metan assists  Chinese companies with overseas investments or acquisitions of high quality entertainment projects and assets (film, TV, sports, music, recreation, etc.). In the process, Metan provides ongoing consulting services including advising & selecting the projects/assets, lowering M&A costs, increasing investment efficiency, etc.